Escort Hourly Rates

Prices include transportation fees. For remote locations there maybe a minimum of 2 hours booking time, we will inform you of this if applicable.

1 Hour 160 Euros
2 Hours 320 Euros
4 Hours 600 Euros
Overnight Night - 7 Hours 900 Euros

Regular operating hours are between 6pm - 4am, Monday to Sunday.

We Deliver To

Certain remotes locations may require a minimum booking of 2 hours. We deliver to the following locations.

Please Note: It is advisable to pre-book for remote locations at least a day in advance to ensure you get your booking.

Traveling Abroad

Please call to discuss arrangements for traveling abroad.

Daily 1500 Euros
Travel Additional
Accommodation Additional

Please Note: We will not send our girls to locations which could compromise their safety.

Make a Booking

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